The List Of The Top 10 Sexiest Female Kpop Idols in 2014

The Kpop wave has been capturing the interest of a lot of people all over the world. The growing interest among people for this kind of music is not only attributed to the catchy tunes and dance moves, but also the sexy women that go along with this type of music. The following is the list of the top 10 sexiest female Kpop idols in 2014.

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10. Nana


She is one of the key members of the sensual Kpop group, After School. She is popularly known for her charisma as well as confident dance moves that helped not only her but her entire group to gain fame in the country and globally. She looks stunning and her performances are simply adorable.

9. G.N.A

G.N.A is a cube artist and she has been able to perform in a lot of cube concerts. She knows how to attract the attention of men during her performances. With a colorful unique voice, a perfectly ton body, luring eyes, a womanly vibe as well as sexy performances, G.N.A usually makes male fans cheer out louder when she is on stage.

8. Park Ji-Yeon

Park Ji-YeonShe is a renowned member of the Kpop girl group known as T-ara. Her real name is Bal Ji Yun. Her rise to prominence is attributed to her being the most sexiest as well as prettiest member in her music group. Apart from singing and dancing, Park Ji-Yeon is also an actress. She is so tempting to look at.

7. Jeon Hyosung

Jeon Hyosung
Jeon Hyosung is one of the best female Kpop idols worldwide. She is part of the girl group called Secret which debuted in 2009 of which she’s the main dancer and group leader. She has an amazing body and her alluring moves on stage are irresistible to watch. Secret has four members in total. Since it began, its appeal to the audience has never gone down.

6. Gain

Gain is a member of the popular Kpop group, Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G). This group is many people’s favorite because of the charming songs, infectious dance moves as well as adorable artists. But gain is known for unconsciously stealing the limelight every time she is on stage performing with her group members. Her electrifying performances are attributed to her stunning and sultry looks as well as her raw talents.

5. HyunA

Her real name is Kim Hyun Ah. She is now part of a girl group known as 4Minute that debuted in 2009. Before that, she is used to be a member of another group known as Wonder Girls. She also performs as a solo artist, something which makes her quite versatile. Her single Ice Cream made her one of the most famous Kpop idols in the world. A lot of people love her sexy body and physique.

4. Suzy

Miss A Suzy 2014Suzy is not only a great singer, but also a great actress. She is the leader of the Kpop group known as Miss A. Her group has gained popularity in Japan, South Korea and quite a number of other countries in the world. She is the loveliest in her girl group because of her enigmatic character, her angelic face as well as a gorgeous body that make her stage performances enthralling.

3. Park Bom

Park Bom 2014Park Bom is very pretty and talented. She is the lead vocalist of a girl group known as 2NE1. She is renowned for giving R&B, hip-hop as well as pop music a sexy image especially during her stage performances. Her most popular trademarks include thick eyeliners, micro skirts and her long hair.

2. Hyorin

Hyorin 2014Hyorin is one of the most powerful members of a Kpop group called Sistar. Her body is well toned with a curvy and sporty physique. She sings like she is actually born to do it and thus it shouldn’t be surprising to see her featured in the list of the Kpop artists of the year.

1. Yuri

Yuri kpop GroupShe is one of the most loved Kpop singers this year. She knows how to make the crowd go wild because she knows how to do what she does best. Her stage performances are captivating. She is herself on stage. She knows how to stand out from her group with her sexy body and jaw-dropping figure as well as healthy skin.

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  • :B

    Yuri! <3

  • liz

    suzy and bom ? you’re kidding me!

  • Grace

    Yuri is awesome! i’m so crazy about her! Yuri zzang! and Girl’s Generation Zzang!

  • Vivie

    I love Yuri! She is so sexy and she dances well!

  • deuthie

    suzy isn’t leader miss a

  • lovesuzybae

    for me Suzyy is the best no.1<3 suzy Jjang

  • Euphoria C

    The top 3 should be Yuri Hyorin and HyunA.

  • lovely

    omg yes Park Bom is sooooo damn sexy,her body is amazing ,she has the best legs in Kpop and her voice is unique and she’s very gorgeous <3 i would also include CL and Minzy to this list since they have a very sexy bodies too !!!
    anyway Park Bom is #1

  • Lis

    If this is a 2014 list, why don’t you find a 2014 pic of Suzy? Her image has matured. You are using a cutesy pic of her… it’s old.