Top 10 Highest Earning Blogs On The Internet

When it comes to making money on the internet it seems that a lot of people think that it’s very hard and that you will need to work your butt off for years and only then will you be able to be successful. Well, things aren’t really as hard as you think and with some effective marketing strategies, you’ll be able to actually make more money than you can imagine. So what is it about these people that makes them earn so much? Is it their intelligence? Their niche? Their marketing tricks? Well, it’s all of those combined to be honest and below you will be able to see just what these 3 elements get to bring you if you know what ropes to pull.

10. Kotaku

KotakuIf you scour the internet daily for news and other types of information, then you will have certainly stumbled upon Kotaku. This is website that is mostly addressing the video gaming niche, so if you really want to find out more about the cheats you could use in Skyrim in order to become invincible or maybe learn more about what it takes in order to finish Amnesia The Dark Descent, then you may very well need to consider visiting this website. Not only will you find tips and tricks, but also special information that no other site out there will provide you with. As for its daily income, it makes around 1500 dollars.

9. Andrew Sullivan

Andrew SullivanSo you say you hate left wingers, right? Well, instead of telling that to me, you might as well join the conversation on Andre Sullivan’s blog. This is a political blog that discusses a lot of things you would be very pleased to read about and input your opinion of course. Here everyone gets to be listened to and your opinion is also taken seriously. Therefore, if you can’t talk about politics with your wife or your friends, then this may just be the very best place out there you can take your views to and be sure that someone will take them seriously.

8. Lifehacker

LifehackerDid you ever wonder how some people manage to go to the beach and not lose all of their things? Or how some people know just how to peel potatoes faster and better than you can? Well, if you have such questions and you have no one to give you the answer, then you may want to take a closer look at Lifehacker. This website offers you life hacks or tricks which allow you to do every day things in a better and more productive fashion.

7. Retire at 21

Retire at 21Ha-ha, everyone would like to retire at twenty one and it seems that this is what you will get to learn about on this website. There are a lot of tips and tricks, but also solid and vital information that will inspire and help those young entrepreneurs out there who are just starting out to take their dreams and turn them into something real and most importantly, something that makes them money. So if there is no one in your friends’ circles that can talk to you about how to start a business or what you need to know before you sign a lease contract for a building for instance, then all of that information and more you will be able to find only on Retire at 21.

6. Joystiq

JoystiqYet another gaming blog that seems to be doing just fine when it comes to daily earnings. Due to CPM it seems that Joystiq manages to pull in around seventeen hundred dollars per day and you could say that this is a very good income for a pretty lavish life. Again, here you can find everything you want to know about gaming, what the best games out there are, what games will, be released in the future, if certain franchises will be producing your next favorite sequel and so forth.

5. Gizmodo

GizmodoNow this is a blog that covers many topics and not only will you be able to see impressive and touching videos here about people who’ve maybe heard sound for the first time in their life, but you can also read articles about the universe, about games and many other things you are curious about. If you just want to spend a Friday or Saturday morning delighting yourself with valuable information that just answers many of the questions you had about various things, then Gizmodo is the place to be.

4. Perez Hilton

Perez HiltonAh, gossip! It seems that everyone loves to hear the little things that celebrities do and say and even though they are basically things that all of us do on a daily basis, because they have the status of celebrities, their actions have a much deeper and more significant value. This blog seems to be read by thousands upon thousands of people and that is why it manages to earn thirty five hundred dollars a day. Now that is really something!

3. Engadget

EngadgetDo you love the new Google Glass project? How about the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are here to learn about all of these gadgets or something else from the world of gadgets, because you’ll find reviews, close-up photos and in-depth reviews about all of them. This website is very popular and it actually manages to pull in around ten thousand dollars a day just from advertising. How great is that?

2. Mashable

MashableIf you want to learn more about what the top ten biggest galaxies in the universe are or maybe who the top 10 best earning celebrities are, then you will definitely be able to find out more about that if you log on to Mashable dot com. This website is full of useful articles and posts that will have you wondering and slapping yourself as to why you didn’t discover it earlier. No matter what time of day you log in, there is always a new article that you can read, since this website is updated every day. As for its income, it manages to make around 15000 dollars a day.

1. The Huffington Post

The Huffington PostThe most popular and highest earning blog out there is the Huffington Post which was founded in two thousand and five and makes around 30 thousand dollars a day. Here you can read everything from current news to top 10 topics, religion, sports, celebrity, crime and many other similar niches. It definitely is also well designed, so you don’t have to worry about having a bad experience surfing this blog. So what do you think about it? Did your list of the top 10 highest earning blogs coincide with this one? If not, then let us know more about some of the blogs you would like to include on it by commenting in the comments box below.

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