Top 10 Most Popular Female Pop Songs Of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a very popular singer these days. She produced her pop song at 16 years old when she played as Disney TV star. Selena Gomez also created a group called as Selena Gomez and Scene. Since that time, she has already produced a lot of popular songs. In this article, people can find top 10 most popular female pop songs of Selena Gomez. These songs are popular among many customers these days.

10. Love You Like Love Song

This beautiful song was first produced in 2011. There are a lot of people who enjoy this song. It has some slices of electropop style. This song emphasizes her strong lead vocals. This song was popular as dance club music song at that period. It also entered the top 10 pop radio song lists in 2011. It has been certified with platinum award for its sales. This song can be found in the third the Scene album.

9. Naturally

It is another great pop music from Selena. It reached the top 30 on the Billboard music list in some countries when it was launched. It has unique and beautiful pop rhythm. This is a popular work from Selena Gomez. People can find this music in many dance clubs easily. “Naturally” is available in the first Selena Gomez and Scene album called Kiss and Tell.

8. Come And Get It

Some people really want to listen this new song from Selena . It is the first song that can be found in her first solo album. It is a combination between pop song and current electronic dance. All listeners can enjoy the beauty of this song easily. This song is one of most popular songs on the radio in 2013.

7. Year Without Rain

This song was initially launched at 2010. It is another great song from Selena. This is the title song for the second music album from Selenaand her group. Many experts praise the sound quality of Selena Gomez. Most of them are happy with the maturity of her sound. It was awarded platinum for the sales several years ago.

6. Round And Round

This song can be found on the Selena and the Scene’s album called “Year Without Rain”. It is another great song from Selena. She was able to combine the pop style and rock approach to this song. It reached the top 25 on the Billboard music list when it was launched at the first time.

5. Slow Down

It is another song that can be found in the first Selena Gomez’ solo album, Stars Dance. This is a dance pop song sang by Selena. It talks about having a slow relationship. Many people use this song in many different types of party. Many people are usually interested with the rhythm and sound of this song.

4. Falling Down

It was the first single produced by Selena and the Scene. “Falling Down” hit into US pop charts during its launching time. That is the reason why Selena Gomez and its group was very successful at that period. It has strong 80s pop rock dance style. It is an easy listening song that people can enjoy in their daily activities.

3. Magic

This is not the original song from Selena. It was first released by Pilot band. It became very popular in the United States in 1975. However, Selena Gomez was very successful in singing this song beautifully. She recorded this single for Disney TV film series, The Wizards Waverly Place. That was the most important moment for Selena Gomez to start her career.

2. Tell Me Something That I Don’t Know

This single was recorded by Selena Gomez for another Disney TV movie, Another Cinderella Story. At that period, this beautiful song was written by Rock Mafia production team. The song hit top greatest songs in Billboard song list. Selena Gomez was able to boost her popularity after singing this easy listening song for this film.

1. Who Says

This is considered as the best song from Selena. It is a breezy pop that can deliver empowering and upbeat message for all listeners. People can get this song on the third album from Selena and her group. Because of this song, Selena Gomez and Scene was known as popular adult pop groups at that time.

They are some songs from Selena. She is very popular as one the best pop singer nowadays. She has a lot of beautiful and easy listening songs. Many listeners are interested to enjoy to Selena Gomez’ songs these days. There are many films or movies using her songs for their soundtracks. All of her songs are available in many music stores, Internet, or retailers. It means that all customers can find their favorite songs easily.

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